The world and the greater universe, has long been described as being tied together by five elements: Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, and Space. Along with the physical properties, these elements can influence our personalities and deeper selves. Most importantly, different elements are more prominent in different people, with no more than one or two dominant elements in any individual. Once you find your influencing element, it can describe and uncover certain aspects and details about your personality that would otherwise remain hidden.

So, which of the five elements do you fall under?


Water people are intuitive, emotional, deeply creative, empathetic, spiritual and psychic. Water allows people to connect with others emotionally. Like water, you seek to be the tender stream that carves out canyons, building some of the world’s famous masterpieces with little to no effort as you show all of the necessary steps required for you and others to achieve success. It is important then, to learn how to hone emotions through meditation and see the value in water.


People with this personality are grounded, practical, disciplined and focused. They always seek to bring peace to the world. Rules, Instruction, and results combined with dependable routine are what they cherish. They’re also super organized and clean. This makes a fantastic problem solver. Furthermore, because of your constant need for unity, it makes you the best natural born leaders.


People with Fire personality are driven by the things that are most passionate about in the world. They’re impulsive, enthusiastic, inspirational, humorous, dramatic, fun and natural performers. It is important to remember that Fire people speak and act straight from the heart. It shows mainly when you go out with a group of friends or to a party. You do bring the whole room together and encourage others to fight for the things they believe in.



This category of people enjoys travel, adventure, freedom and athletic endeavors that require movement. They’re maybe soft-spoken with intermittent outbursts. Favorite colors are white, pastels or yellow and wear light, airy fabrics. People who are rigid and concerned with rules are disliked by these groups of people. Air people are quite clever and often rational. Some Air people are bookish and quiet studious. Air remains the element of speech, so Air people can also spin colorful stories, be entertaining. Air people also excel at keeping several ideas in their head or doing several things at once. Since commitment doesn’t come naturally to these groups of people and since they aren’t generally in touch with their feelings, Air people can experience difficulty in relationships. However, the Air person can choose to balance his airy nature with relatedness and practicality and enrich his life.


The element of Space is the first of the five great elements. It comes first because it is the most subtle of the elements. The Space personality has qualities, based more on the absence of its opposing quality than on the actual quality itself. Space people are light because they lack the heaviness created by earth and water personality. They are also subtle because they lack the profound presence of the more obvious elements. Furthermore, the Space personality remains the most expansive of other elements. Without form or boundaries, Space people have no limits in whatever they venture into. Because of their expansive quality, Space is the cause of differentiation.

Now that you’ve found the element that most drives your personality, now is the time to harmonize the five elements to your best advantage. We should handle ourselves in life mirroring the five elements, seeing as they’re the essential building blocks of our universe.

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