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gosia orlowska


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The Timelss Natural Beauty

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Where Uniqueness Meets Elegance!

Welcome to Gosia Orlowska

Step into a world of breathtaking beauty and individuality as we proudly present Gosia Orlowska, a fashion brand dedicated to creating stunning and bespoke handcrafted jewellery, clothing, and accessories. Each piece we design is a true reflection of the women who wear them - strong, confident, and utterly unique.

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Our Jewellery Collection

Discover the allure of artisanal craftsmanship with our exquisite jewellery collection. Handcrafted with utmost precision and passion, each piece is a work of art, telling its own captivating story. From intricately designed necklaces and earrings to elegant bracelets and rings, our jewellery is meticulously crafted to exude timeless beauty and exceptional quality.

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Timeless Elegance and Unmatched Quality

Join Our Community:

Gosia Orlowska is not just a brand; it's a community of strong and confident women who celebrate their uniqueness and empower each other to shine. When you wear our creations, you become a part of this community, united by a shared love for exceptional design and artisanal beauty.



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"FALL BEAUTY" Mix Stones Bracelet"FALL BEAUTY" Mix Stones Bracelet

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"SUGAR CANDY" Tourmaline Necklace"SUGAR CANDY" Tourmaline Necklace

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“Tango” Black Silk Mini Dress“Tango” Black Silk Mini Dress



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