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Mudras Connecting to Elements 

There are many sports that can give you only strength. Some will give you just greater dexterity or agility, however, only few will develop your flexibility, strength, and agility at the same time – yoga offers all these. A poor posture results in having problems with the back, neck, and other muscle and joint, yoga gives you a flawless posture and many more.

Mudras are often part of a yoga class. Mudra signifies “closure” or “seal” in Sanskrit. These motions are generally used as a part of meditation to coordinate how energy flows inside the body by using the hands.

Distinctive areas of our hands are associated with some areas in our body and our brains. Whenever your hands are placed on yoga mudras, you will invigorate different areas of your brain – this will definitely make some specific flow of energy in your body.

Types and Benefits of Yoga Mudras

1. The Prana Mudra or Mudra of Life Energy

This mudra will activate the any dormant energy inside your body. To perform the Prana mudra, simply place the tips of your thumb, ring finger, and little finger together. This mudra will support the flow of prana energy – this helps you feel invigorated, and very strong and alert.

2. The Surya Ravi Mudra or Mudra of Sun

Join the tip of the ring finger and the thumb – this unites the elements of earth and fire. It represents energy and wellbeing, and it furnishes you with that a feel of balance. This mudra will likewise help you experience positive changes in your live.


Surya Ravi Mudra or Mudra of Sun

3. The Dhyana Mudra

When used during meditation, it gives calming energy. The Dhyana mudra also used deeper meditation and reflection. This is how to do it: put your hands on your lap, left palm under, palms should face up, and just allow the tips of the thumbs touch.

Dhyana Mudra

4. The Gyana Mudra or Mudra of Knowledge

The Gyana mudra is the most popular mudra used in yoga and it is otherwise known as the chin mudra. Perform this mudra by bringing the tips of the thumb and forefinger together – keep the other three fingers together, stretching them lightly.

It will increase your creativity, focus, bring success and it is a motion of knowledge.

Gyana Mudra or Mudra of Knowledge

5. The Anjali Mudra

The Anjali mudra expresses gratitude and love. When you bring your palms before the heart space, it symbolizes respect and regard toward you and the universe.

Anjali Mudra

6. The Shuni Mudra

It symbolizes discipline and patience which offers a sense of stability. Whenever you need extra strength to complete tasks, use the Shuni mudra.

To do this mudra, just bring the tip of your thump and middle finger together, this will unite that element of connection and fire.

Shuni Mudra

7. The Buddhi Mudra

This mudra helps you improve intuitive communication. Here, both the water and fire elements are joined together – symbolizing openness and communication. It likewise helps reinforce your intuitive knowledge, making learning easier.

To perform this mudra, simply touch the tips of your little finger and thumb together.

These mudras will help you circulate power to every cell of to your body; they stimulate body organs and also rejuvenate the whole body and mind. Use them in your meditations.

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