Ayurveda is a philosophy that’s otherwise known as the science of life or the knowledge of life. This is a practice that is been around for over 5000 years and it’s one of the main healing systems throughout India. It’s only been practiced throughout the United States for around 30 years and it involves humans finding the relationship between their body, mind and spirit. The overall goal of the practices to improve the quality of life as well as enhance the longevity of a person.

Treatments for balancing the body mind and spirit can be completely customized in a unique way depending on where a person’s imbalances lie. In a way, practitioners can prescribe themselves exercises that can help them find balance and discover a new way to get close to their center. Here is a little more about the base principles of balance through Ayurveda:

The five elements:

The human body is made up of five main elements according to the Maha Bhutas in Ayurveda. Each of these elements impacts the various corners of our being and they are what makes an individual unique. These 5 elements include:

Earth: This is a dense and solid foundation and its present in elements of our body like our teeth, bones and nails.

Water: The water element is what we would find in our bodies throughout the water content, our breathing, our energy and blood.

Fire: This is our energy, our metabolism and are elements of creation. Fire is also associated with the regulation of body temperature and our own regulation of emotional responses.

Air: This is our oxygen, our motion and our lightness. The motion that we use and the movement with our nerve impulses can all be extremely important with air.

Ether: This is an element that includes space, emptiness and omniscience. This is our only universal intelligence and the space between ourselves. Space is equally as important imbalances the other elements.


Three doshas:

This aspect of the perspective is the functioning principles of balance for these elements. It includes:

Vata (Ether and Air): This is also associated with movement and our control of breathing, our heart rate and our blinking. Any imbalance can lead to a feeling of anxiousness, insomnia and more.

Pitta (Water and Fire): this is associated with digestion, body temperature, assimilation and metabolism. When these broader balance a person can become extra hostile prone to high blood pressure and inflammatory disorders.

Kapha (Water and Earth): This is a connected physical structure and otherwise known as the glue that will hold ourselves together. Kapha can help us to build heavier bones as well as deliver a much more stable level of balance. Without a proper balance here we can be prone to obesity, congestion, greediness and more.

Balancing all of these elements together and working on your own constitution through prescription for balance can help you to properly improve your lifestyle. Working with a Ayruvedic practitioner is one of the best ways that you can deliver a plan for your wellness through the principles of balance in these teachings.


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