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If you’ve ever heard of spiritual practitioners and other individuals having a sensitivity crystal you may be wondering whether or not you share the same sensitivity. Would it be advantageous for you to start wearing crystals or keeping crystals on your person?

In this article we will go through some of the main traits that could suggest you have a sensitivity to crystals:

You find yourself attracted to crystals:

A person that is sensitive to crystals is often drawn to them. If you enjoy seeing crystals out in public or you find yourself lost in the beauty of a rock that could be a crystal, they could be demonstrating how sensitive you are to them and their power.

You are repelled by some stones:

If you have ever seen a certain gemstone and you feel a sense of doom or distrust in a person for wearing it it’s possible that you are being repelled by that specific crystal. A person that has a crystal sensitivity likely experiences the same type of phenomenon when they are repelled by various crystals too.


You get various sensations when you handle crystals:

If you place a crystal in your hand you may notice that it feels hot or cold to the touch versus other types of stones. If you are starting to feel a difference in temperature between various stones or crystals this could be a demonstration of your sensitivity. You might also start to experience certain emotions when you’re holding onto a crystal. If you find yourself overly emotional when you handle crystals, this can be a sign that you are particularly sensitive to that stone. Some stones can quickly trigger an emotional response in people when they are held.

You heavily empathize with people:

There are some people considered empaths and their individuals that have a real sensitivity for the moods and energy in people around them. If you find that you have a heightened sense of emotional sensitivity or acuity, you could be particularly sensitive to crystals as well.

You can see the unseen:

If you think that you can see auras around people or at least detect their energy well it’s likely that you could detect the energy in crystals too. All crystals give off their own energetic vibration and by working within the energy that a crystal can produce you can eventually work at seeing the auras surrounding a crystal too.

You dream vividly:

If you always tend to remember your dreams and you feel as though you can dream extremely vividly it’s likely that you are receiving some type of influence and it could be from crystals. If you feel more in control of your unconscious mind as you are dreaming you may also be sensitive to unconscious forces like crystals too.

You find yourself connecting with the otherworldly:

If you have had experiences with the supernatural or you feel as though you can connect with various unseen guides in your life, it’s likely that you have some type of sensitivity to connect with crystals as well.

If you identify with any of these traits it’s very likely that you could have a sensitivity to crystals. It may be a good idea for you to consider the option to try crystals in your life. Whether it’s buying the stones themselves or choosing to hang onto a few crystals, you can experience a real difference when you open yourself up to your sensitivity and embrace the power of these stones.

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